Here Are Tips For Health Insurance Coverage Continues When Getting Divorced

People don't get married expecting to end up with divorce. Unfortunately, life happens and sometimes unavoidable. When you are going through a divorce, there are many things that need to be decided. One thing that often gets missed, especially when there are no children involved, is the health coverage. Are you covered by your spouse's insurance policy offered through her work or you buy insurance from private companies, you will need to make arrangements about Your health care coverage. Here are a few tips to handle health insurance while going through a divorce.

Join COBRA-COBRA is a federal law that allows employees to maintain health care coverage under their employers plan provided that they pay the premiums. The legislation also allows couples, and other family members, to continue to receive coverage for up to three years after the divorce. Although the premium for COBRA is expensive, if you are stuck in the corner you can use this option until you are able to secure health insurance through other means. This is very useful for people who have preexisting conditions that may have trouble getting insurance from other operators.

Buy health insurance for yourself – check with your employer today to see if you can get your company's health plan if they offer one. This will probably depend a lot on time like most companies have a specific registration period in which new members can be added to the policy. If this occurs, you can continue your spouse's policy through COBRA until you can join your company's plan. If your company does not have insurance, then you can buy your own individual health policies through a private company. To get the best rates, visit a health insurance quote sites online to shop for several insurance companies at once.

Divorce-Mandated as an alternative, you can ask your partner to keep you on their insurance policy especially if you have children. As an alternative, you can ask for your spouse's allowance to help pay for insurance you have acquired through other means. For example, if you buy an individual health insurance plan, you can ask your spouse to pay half the cost. The best way to invoke this option is to work with a divorce attorney knowledgeable. Going through a divorce can be rough. But if you keep your head on your shoulders and focus on creating positive results, you will be able to make it through in one piece.